Updates 12/07/2017

Ancient Garden(1913)
Image by Lajos Gulacsy, found on Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under Public Domain.

Featured Image is in the Public Domain!

AllMusic: Find information about bands and their music. Use your current favorites to find new ones. [Audio & Music Finds]

Boston Public Library: These are images related to music. Sheet Music Lithograph Covers & Allen A. Brown Music Collection. [Audio & Music Finds]

International Association for the Study of Popular Music Journal: IASPM. Peer-reviewed and open access.  [Audio & Music Finds]

Mutopia Project: Over 2,000 pieces of  sheet music that is free to download, modify, print, etc. All in the public domain or under the Creative Commons. [Audio & Music Finds]

Project Gutenberg – Sheet Music: Public domain sheet music. [Audio & Music Finds]

Refrain: Database of thirteenth century songs and poetry. [Audio & Music Finds]