Updates 08/29/2017

Image by CongerDesign, found on Pixabay. Licensed under Creative Commons Universal Public Domain Dedication.

New Resources:

Association of American State Geologists: AASG. Find local geological societies and more. [Earth Science]

Atmospheric Science Data Center: Processes, archives, and distributes Earth Science data. [Climate & Weather]

Education Resources: For teachers or parents, or anyone who wants to learn! Grades k to 12; and Undergraduate as well.  [Earth Science] [Education]

Mission Areas: Information about major topics for USGS.  [Earth Science]

Multimedia Gallery: Find earth science related multimedia. All items are in the public domain unless otherwise noted.  [Earth Science]

National Center For Atmospheric Research: Github. [Climate & Weather]

National Snow & Ice Data Center: NSIDC. Research on: snow; ice; glaciers; and frozen ground. [Climate & Weather]

Publications Warehouse: Over 150,000 publications by USGA scientists.  [Earth Science]

Science Explorer: Browse USGS science programs and activities.  [Earth Science]

The National Map: Your source for Topographic Information. Visual Viewer.  [Earth Science]

USGS Multimedia Gallery: Find multimedia in the public domain, unless otherwise stated. [Videos] [Imagery] [Audio]

Other Changes:

Created ‘Specific Topics‘ section in Education Resources.

Created ‘United States Geological Survey’ section in Earth Science. Also, added a new featured image to Earth Science(below).

Earth Science