Textbooks: Free Educational Books

Image Attribution: Image by Kim Heimbuch, licensed under CC0 1.0, found on Pixabay.

Textbooks should be free! This includes: coursebooks; formal manuals; instruction in a specific subject. For school or personal enrichment.

Archive.org – Opensource Textbooks: Students, invest your money into education, not paper.

BC Campus – Open Textbooks: For educators and learners. All books can be edited for your liken. Free. Awesome.

Boundless: Educational literature items, quizzes, and more. Awesome site for students and teachers.

CNX: OpenStax CNX, offers pages and books/literature on education topics. All content is downloadable and under the creative commons.

Global Text Project: A collection of digital text books/college level literature.

Open Stax College: Free and Open Source College text books.

Text Book Revolution: If you are a student, link this site to your teacher. It can help save you and your classmates tons of money. Teachers…use free books!

Descriptions are adaptations of definitions provided by Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0

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