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A writing consisting of multiple glyphs, characters, symbols, or sentences. Includes bibliography, books, journalism, literature, news, newspapers, and poetry.

Alex Catalog of Electronic Texts: Collection of public domain literature.

arXiv: Cornell University Library, offers over 900,000 e-texts

Authorama: Public Domain books online.

Bartleby: Great books offered online. Great resource for students, since most of the literature available are classics.

Bibliomania: At first I wanted to gouge my eyes out at the sight of the main page, but then after clicking the left handed ‘Read’link, the site got better.

British Library – Manuscripts: “Use this website to view digitized copies of manuscripts and archives in the British Library’s collections, with descriptions of their contents.” – Main Page.

Calibre: Ebook management, editor, and conversion software. For Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Centsless Books: Free ebooks.

CERN Document Server: Almost one and a half million records to sift through.

CGP Catalog: Catalog of U.S. Government Publications.

Changing Minds: Find persuasive writing on various content. Rather you agree or not with the point of view, you will benefit from reading it.

Chest Of Books: A site offering books(in or out of copyright), for online reading.

Classic Reader: Close to 4,000 free classic books/literature online.

Corpus of Middle English: A collection of middle English literature. By University of Michigan faculty.

Discovering Literature: Romantics and Victorians:Brought to you by the British Library.

Download Wikipedia: For whenever you want to prepare for losing your wifi.

e-Books Directory: Over 9,000 items and over 600 categories of literature and books.

[New]ERIC: Education Resources Information Center. Indexes journal articles; reports; conference papers and more. When searching, select the checkbox for ‘Full text available on ERIC’. This will guarantee the resource is accessible. Items can also be browsed alphabetically. In addition, the site offers a thesaurus – with optional ‘dead term’ inclusion. This means it can include historical words that are no longer used, as well as current.

Fantastic Fiction: This site collects information on fictional works. Use it to find your new favorite author or book adventure.

FRONTLINE: Investigative journalism in video form, brought to you by PBS.

Galaxy Magazine: “Galaxy Science Fiction was an American digest-size science fiction magazine, published from 1950 to 1980.” – Archive Galaxy Magazine About Section. Thanks Rena for suggestion.

Google Play – Top Free Books: Browse and download the top books and literature on google play.

HathiTrust Digital Library: Most of the literature are in the public domain, but usage terms vary.

ICDL: International Childeren’s Digital Library.

Irish Script on Screen: ‘The object of ISOS is to create digital images of Irish manuscripts, and to make these images – together with relevant commentary – accessible on a WWW site.’

Just Free Books: Search for free books. Includes over 700 website sources.

Library of Babel: Every possible collection of 1,312,000 characters. Interesting.

Librivox: Public domain books/literature turned into audio books by vocal volunteers.

Loyal Books: This site offers public domain books/literature, in text and audio book form, for download.

Manuals Lib: Find the manual you have been looking for.

ManyBooks: Ebooks and literature. Over 29,000 items. Free mostly, but some are discounted.

NASA e-Book Archive: Topics range, but the awesome is constant.

Open Access Bibliographic Records: Brought to you by University of Michigan. Download only.

OpenLibrary: Read or borrow books.

PANDA Project: Newsroom, data, journalist software. Store your information and search through it.

Project Gutenberg: The most popular resource for free ebooks and literature. Most are also in the public domain.

Public Book Shelf: Free Romance novels/literature items. Over 600 to choose from. Also great for authors who want to share their work.

Quotations Page: ‘Find inspiration, or whatever.’- TED

Read Print: Thousands of free books/literature, poems, and quotes.

SCP Foundation: A fictional foundation’s site, offering safety guidelines when dealing with the abnormal. For your entertainment and reading pleasure. Embrace this fanciful universe even more, by contributing your own writing.

SmashWords: This site makes it easy for up and coming writers to get published. For readers, this site offers free books. Not only do you get books at no cost,but you are also supporting little known authors.

Swedish National Bibliography: Under an open license. Download all.

Tables of Contents of Journals of Interest to Classicists: (TOCS-IN).

Telltale Weekly: Audio book library.

The Black Vault: Download previously classified government documents.

The Free Library: This site has over 1 million magazines; newspapers; journals; books.

The Literature Page: Read public domain works online.

The Online Books Page: Over 1 million free books/literature items! Brought to you by UPenn.

The Online Medieval and Classical Library (OMACL): A collection of medieval and classic literature.

The University of Arizona Campus Repository: Over 50,000 publications, journals, magazines and more. Content includes campus research and teaching materials.

The University of Oxford Text Archive: Collection of digitized literature.

Think Progress: Progressive reporting.

U.S. Government Publishing Office: Produces, procures, catalogs, indexes, authenticates, disseminates, preserves the official information products of the Government.

WikiBooks: Free open books/literature, with the goal of making knowledge open as well.

Wikipedia – Book Creator: Turn any Wikipedia page(s) into a book. You can combine, organize, download, and learn/enjoy. This would be hopeful for studying or even creating a lesson plan. There are suggestions, so you can find more of what you want.

Wikisource: An online library, using public domain texts.

Descriptions are adaptations of definitions provided by Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0