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Encoded computer instructions. Also known as applications or programs.

7-Zip: Archives/compresses files. Useful in many different ways.

Ad-Aware Free: Antiviru.

Applied Science: TCAD, Technology Computer Aided Design Tool.

Blender: Open source 3D creation.

BRL-CAD: Open source modeling. U.S. Military uses this program.

Directory Studio(Apache): LDAP(Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) browser and directory client.

Dr. Geo: Interactive geometric sketches. Useful for educational purposes.

EtherCalc: Web spreadsheet. Multiple people can edit the sheets in real time.

Excel Exposure: Next time a relative wants you to help them learn excel… give them this link instead! You are welcome.

Felix(Apache): Open Service Gateway Initiative framework and platform. The site also has general information on OSGI and a community of subprojects.

FireFox: Popular web browser by Mozilla.

Flex: Open source, framework for developing mobile applications.

FreeCAD: 3D modeling.

FtpServer(Apache): FTP server written in Java.

Ghostery: Use with any web browser to view and control who is tracking you. Great for privacy and information protection.

GNU Foliot: Time keeping.

GNU Licenses: Types of software licenses for developers to protect their work while still maintaining it’s openness. This is helpful for users too, understanding usage terms is important.

GNUmed: Open source Electronic Medical Records.

Gnumeric: Open Source Spreadsheet. For Windows or Linux.

GNU Radio: Toolkit for radio.

GNU Social: Social communication software for both public and private communications.

Gnuzilla and IceCat: Mozilla suite for Linux and GNU version of Firefox browser.

Isis(Apache): Development framework for domain applications in Java.

Jitsi Meet: Open source video conferencing.

Kexi Project: Alternative to Microsoft Access. Database creation and visual management.

LibreOffice: Microsoft office alternative.

LinuxLive: USB creator.

Lucene.Net(Apache): Search engine written in C# for .NET users.

MediaGoblin: Media publishing platform.

Mercurial: Free, distributed source control management tool.

Mono: Software platform. By Microsoft. Open Source; .NET Framework.

Ninite: Conveniently and quickly download multiple free programs.

Osalt: Don’t buy software! Download free open source alternatives to any popular commercial programs.

phpBB: Open source bulletin board software. Create your own forums.

Pidgin: Chatting software that combines all platforms conveniently. Aim, google talk, yahoo, and more.

Pivot(Apache): Open source platform for developing installable internet applications.

Psi: Free chat application, with file transfer and more.

Qpid(Apache): Open source messaging software. Developer friendly.

QupZilla: Web Browser. Originally for educational purpose.

Ring: Universal communication software with emphasis on privacy of users.

RosarioSIS: Free student information system for school management.

Santuario(Apache): XML signature and encryption, syntax and processing. Libraries for Java and C++.

Scribus: Open source desktop publishing.

Skype: Free popular chatting software. Can be linked to Facebook messages.

Tor Browser: A Web browser the offers the max protection, privacy, and security, for its users. Don”t let anyone track you or collect information from you!

Typo3: Open Source Enterprise Content Management System.

Descriptions are adaptations of definitions provided by Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0

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