Short and Sweet: Videos under 10 minutes.

short video
Image by JuralMin, found on Pixabay. Licensed under CC0 Public Domain Dedication.

Don’t want to commit to a full film? These short videos are perfect for work breaks or bathroom breaks. (hehe) No matter the length, you will still find quality and options.

Eventually I would like to include more single films vs collections. Please make suggestions 😀

General Short Videos

5-Second Films: Short and sweet. Updated every weekday.

Fail Army: Mostly comedy. Some of these videos may be 10 mins or more, but the majority are short.

I Love Short Films: Better then liking. They have a kid shorts area too!

Reddit – ShortFilm sub: Close to 8,000 subscribers.

Short of the Week: Not only can you find shorts, you can also find relevant news and submit your own films.

Ted Talks: You can filter the videos by duration. 0 to 6 minutes is one option. If you don’t mind, there is a filter for 6 to 12 minutes.

Time Magazine – 10 Questions: Asking famous people 10 questions.

Vine: Short looping videos. The Animals Channel is the best!

Short Horror Movies

Horror is my favorite genre, btw.

Reddit – Short Horror sub: Find and share Horror shorts.

Short of the Week – Horror Channel

Screamfest offers a Short Horror Film Playlist

Bed Fellas(2008) – 2:46

Hands down one of the scariest faces ever. The face expression is the epitome deviousness.

Lights Out(2013) – 2:41

This was so popular that it was made into a movie in 2016!

While watching Annabelle: Creation, I noticed that the adoption agent was played by actress Lotta Losten. She is the lady in this short(along with being in the Lights Outs movie). Another part of Annabelle that reminded me of the Lights Out short – the running sound/spook.  Hard to explain, but you will know what I mean after you watch both. I was not surprised to find out that the Director for both was the same(Genius): David F. Sandberg.