Podcasts: Find a new favorite cast.

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Podcasts are audio shows produced on a regular basis, and delivered over the internet.

Podcast Directories

Most podcasts, and podcast streaming services, will have ads. This is how the programs are supported. Usually they do not take away from the experience, but if you find that a show or service is obnoxious with ads – let me know.

Audiosear.ch: This is an awesome podcast finder. This has a great API, so developers can extend and use it.

BBC – Podcasts: Podcasts that offer hours of entertainment and information. Best part, the awesome accents!

Google Play Music: In the section area of Google Play, there is a ‘Podcast’ choice. There you can see all or filter by category. When ever you see a red box with ‘E’ inside it, on a podcast, this means it is explicit. Sadly, ipad and iphone users can not get podcasts from Google Play. Probably due to a conflict of interest with Itunes.

Mixcloud: This site offers a ‘Talk Show’ discover area, along with categories. ‘Talk Show’ pretty much means podcasts, but there are also ‘podcast’ tags.

NPR – Podcast Directory: View featured podcasts or browse by category.

Player FM: ‘Player FM is the multi-platform podcast app that helps you find shows on the topics you care about…’ – Player FM’s site.

Podcast Land: This site helps you find podcasts based on categories. The best part – fans’ votes impact the listings!

Podchaser -Beta: Found this on the Reddit(sub below). The reddit users described it as ‘The IMDb of podcasts’.

Reddit – Podcasts Subreddit: This sub has over 68,000 subscribers. It is useful for finding and sharing.

ShortOrange: Listen to podcast online, offline, and on your phone(Android App)! You don’t need an account to use this free service. However, if you do sign up(free also) – you get you can save your place and your subscriptions. My personal favorite feature, for signed up users, is the Episode Timeline.

Soundcloud: Unfortunately there is no ‘browse’ option on Soundcloud for podcasts. However, you can view ‘All Audio Genres’ in the charts section. The majority of these will be podcasts. So those are the top choices. To find other ones, you will have to search for keywords(example – funny or economy), along with ‘podcast’. This isn’t the most efficient way of finding new podcasts, but it is an option none the less.

Spotify: You can always use free Spotify, as long as you don’t mind ads. There are podcast categories for you to browse, as well.

Stitcher: Over 65,000 shows!

My Top Picks

Stuff You Should Know: Very interesting. The podcasts are the best!

Welcome to Night Vale: ‘… twice-monthly podcast in the style of community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale…‘ – Welcome to Night Vale Site. Scary paranormal events happen a lot in this town!

Interested in making podcasts? check out the Free Audio Software Post.

Descriptions are adaptations of definitions provided by Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0.