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Image by Succo, found on Pixabay. Licensed under CC0 1.0.

Laws include a body of rules and standards issued by the legislative body, to be applied by courts and similar authorities. Includes intellectual property.

Attribution License: A progressive and useful license type. Pushes for open usage while still giving credit and legal ownership to creator of works.

Center for the Study of the Public Domain

Law Comic: Learn law through illustration.

LII: Brought to you Cornell University of Law School. Find laws published online and tools to better understand or use them.

Library of Congress

National Institute of Justice: Strengthen Science. Advance Justice.

Open Source Initiative: Provides an Open Source Definition. Find information about different OS licenses and news. Mostly software oriented.

Question Copyright: Copyright laws can be limiting to the advancement of many things(knowledge, technology,etc) . This site helps its users to see past the limitations of Copyrights and into the realm of progressive usage rights.

TLDRLegal: Volunteers read through the long licenses of various items, services, sites, etc.; they sum up the licenses so you don”t have to worry about it.

United Kingdom Legislation

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