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Language is the expression of thought through speech, text, or the body.

Learn Language(s)

101 Languages: Learn a language for free.

Ba Ba Dum: An incredible learning tool. Play games and become multilingual.

BBC Languages

Bliu Bliu: A fun way to learn a new language(s).

Duolingo: Learn a new language with this awesome site. Not only is it free, but it is very rewarding. You can earn points and level up!

Guide To Japanese: Learning a new language is very enriching.

How to Learn Any Language: Get help choosing which one to learn and find the next steps.

Language Learning Log: Software. Very useful.

Memrise: “Learn vocabulary, languages, history, science, trivia and just about anything else.”

The Yojik: A site dedicated to language learners. Course from The Foreign Service Institute, The Defense Language Institute, and Peace-Corps.

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Other Related Resources Multilingual dictionary.

Forvo: This site offers all words and how they are pronounced; including in different languages. Very interesting to explore.

InterPals: Find a penpal from afar. Practice new dialects with others.

Keyman: Type in over 1,000 different languages on computer, browser, and devices.

Lang-8: Native speakers from over 190 different countries speaking over 90 different languages! Help and get help with learning new languages, by getting your writing proofread and proofreading others writing.

LangRouletter: Practice new languages by chatting with random strangers.

Lexicity: Index and history of ancient dialects.


Wordnet is a lexical database for English – streamlining English by properly grouping and collecting words. Global Wordnet Association offers a central site for nurturing and connecting Wordnets of different dialects.

Similar to Wordnet, is FrameNet. Also an English lexical database, including ‘frame semantics’. Find a short list of non-English ‘FrameNets’.

Nets not listed on above sites: Malayalam Wordnet.

Descriptions are adaptations of definitions provided by Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0