Games: Waste Time With Fun

Image Attribution: Image, from Wikicommons, Under Creative Commons License.

Games are a playful or competitive activity. Both downloadable and online.

Addicting Games: Cure your boredom.

Adult Swim Games: Not only one of the best providers of cartoon/tv show entertainment, now they have accumulated quite the collection.

Akinator: A web Genie tries to guess what you are thinking of. 20 question-ish game.

Alien Arena: Free first person shooter game. Need I say more..

Armor Games: Fun galore! Relieve some of your stress by beating evil goblins, or fulfill your dreams by running a successful fake business.

Battle for Wesnoth: Turn based. Download(linux/windows/os x). Strategy, Fantasy.

Bit Fighter: Arcade. Multiplayer. Download(windows/linux/os x). Space, fast paced.

Boomerang – Games:  These games are themed after classic cartoons and other shows you would find on the Boomerang TV Network.

Browser Quest: RPG. Online Play. Single Player.

Cave Story: Side Scrolling. Single Player. Download(windows/linux/os x).

Chesscademy: Chess lessons. Tracks your progress.

Classic Games Arcade: All the oldies but goodies.

Cookie Clicker: Puzzle. Multiplayer. Download(windows/os x). addicting.


Desktop Dungeons: The first version of Desktop Dungeons(a now popular game) is offered for free by its creators.

Double Speak Games: Dark Room(popular idle) and Gridland(puzzle).

Dungeon Blitz: Multiplayer Online MMO.

Drunken Paladin: RPG. Single Player. Download. Humorist.

Dueling Analogs:  Video Game Hilarity. Site with Game related content and news.

Dwarf: Fantasy. Single Player. Download(windows/linux). Low end graphics High end Adventure.

Epic Mafia: Party Game. Multiplayer. Online play. Fantasy.

First Person Tetris: Puzzle, single player, online play.

Flash Game Nexux

Game About Squares: This is a game about triangles.. jk Squares for days.

Game Jolt: Indie. This site has a lot of features, including chat and in game achievements. If you are a game developer, this site is also a great way to promote yourself and your work.

Gameshed: Over 1,000 choices! Lets waste some time.

GeoGuessr: Be sent to a random location via google maps. Explore the surroundings and attempt to guess where you are.

Globe Genie: Guess the location you are spawned at via google maps.

Hairy Games

Internet Game Database: Find information.

Jay Is Games: Games(online or downloadable) and game reviews.

JetPunk: Firstly, this name is super awesome. Secondly, if you like quizzes, then I guarantee you will be consumed forever within this site.

Kittens Game: Idle game involving kittens. Very addictive.

Kongregate: This site offers achievements, over all user levels, and a nice community with chat options.

Lichess: Online chess server under the open source MIT License. Learn to play. Watch others. Get better.

Little Alchemy: Puzzle. Single Player. Online Play. Addicting, create elements.

Maldita Castle: Arcade Game. Single Player. Download(Windows/Ubunta/Ouya). Adventure.

Map Crunch: Street View location guessing.

Matt Makes Games: Collection of various type of downloadable(OS X/Windows)games. Indie.

Max Games

Minefield, HTML5: A giant version of the popular game Minesweeper. You get to play with players from all over. So. Addicting.

Minetest: Open source Minecraft alternative.


MMOHuts(Free to Play Section)

Mouse City: Games that only use the mouse for playing.

NationStates: Nation simulation game. Apply your political ideals and see what happens.

Neopets: Virtual World, mini-games, virtual pets.

NesBox: Multi platform emulator. Game old school style.

Newgrounds: Games, Movies/Videos, Audio/Music, and Art. The community is amazing. Great place to find new media or to show off your work.



Orisinal: Simple games, awesome game design.

PlayR: Old school, collection. Online Play. Kind of like emulator.

Rift: MMORPG. Multiplayer. Online play.

Runescape: MMORPG. Download. Multiplayer. Fantasy.

Runescape – Old School: Play the older version of the popular game Runescape.

Silver Games

SNESFun: Retro gaming online.

Splunky – classic: Exploration Game. Single Player. Download. Treasure hunting, classic Platform.

Steam – Free to Play: Most people know what steam is. This is a link to all their free to play games.

Super Crate Box: Side Scrolling. Single Player. Download(windows/os x).

SuperGames: Won’t work unless you disable/pause ad blocking extensions.

Team Fortress: Downloadable game. The whole game can be played without making any purchases. However, there is premium content(mostly cosmetic).

Tee Worlds: Shooter. Multiplayer. Cute. Download(windows/os x).

Tetoris: The worlds largest Tetris game. I couldn’t even get one line!

The Great Gatsby for NES: Arcade Game. Single Player. Retro.

The Kingdom of Loathing: Funny RPG game. Simply graphics but awesome gamy play.

The Powder Toy: Shooter Game. Multiplayer. Download(linux/windows/ubuntu). Blow Stuff Up.

Vindictus: Downloadable game. Optional premium content.

Warlight: Online customizable strategy game. Play against AI or your friends.

Descriptions are adaptations of definitions provided by Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0