Free Images, Icons, and More

Pedra Azul Milky Way
Image by EduardoMSNeves, found on Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International.

All imagery listed is free. Use a photo to spice up your project, reduce your stock photo costs, and even find your business a logo.

However, usage terms vary. Common restrictions on the imagery(if any): noncommercial use; required attribution; if altered, must be licensed the same as original.

‘CCO’ or ‘Public Domain’¬†images are either out of copyright or dedicated to the public. They are freely usable by the public for any purpose. Although these images do not require attribution, it is always awesome to show support to artists. ūüôā

Make sure to read each sites terms of use!

Pictures & Photos

1 Million Free Pictures: A site with the goal of offering 1million photos. CC0

BigFoto: Photos for commercial and noncommercial usage. Attribution Required.

Creative Common Image Search Engine: Usage terms vary.

David Rumsey Map Collection Only for non-commercial use. License -Attribution-Noncommercial

Every Stock Photo: Free photo search engine. Usage terms vary.

Finda.Photo: Search  photos, or browse them by color.  CC0

Finna: Search Finland archives, libraries, and museums. This includes images. Each item has various usage terms.

Flickr – Commons: All flickr images/photos that are in the creative commons.

Free Images: Stock photos/images, some of which need attribution back to creator. Read the whole license.

FreePhotos: Public Domain Photos. Around a 1,000 images from personal collections.

Gratisography: High resolution photos/images taken by Ryan Mcguire. Use for commercial and noncommercial alike.

Internet Archive: Free web, audio/sound, text/literature, software, and video/movies. Usage terms vary for everything.

Library of Congress Map Collection: Maps and history galore. Usage terms vary.

LibreStock: Free stock photo search engine. CC0

Morguefile: Commercial use allowed.

NASA Image and Video Library: CC0

National Library of Scotland – Map Images: Noncommercial use only. Attribution Required.

Nature’s Pics Online: Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share-alike.

New Old Stock: Collection of public domain images.

NYPL Digital Gallery: Over 800,000 images/photos from the New York Public Library, all digitized and provided within an easy to browse site. Item usage terms vary.

Old Book Illustrations:  CC0.

Open Access Maps of NYC: Over 20,000 works/images/art, all in the public domain. New York City. CC0

Open Photo: Photos under creative commons license.

Pexels: Stock photos. Find images and/or donate your own. CC0

Photo Pin: A site that helps you search for creative commons images/photos from

Photo Rack: Photos/images neatly organized and for commercial/non commercial use.

Photos Public Domain CC0

Pick Up Image: Stock photos for both commercial and noncommercial usage.

PixaBay: Images, vectors, and illustrations. Over 260,000! CC0

Public Domain Archive: Weekly images and photos. CC0

Public Domain Files: This site also offers clip art and artwork. CC0

Public Domain Photos: Thousands of public domain pictures and photographs. CC0

Public Domain Pictures: CC0

Public Domain Review: Find public domain resources, including images. CC0

Rgb Stock: Free stock photos/images with various usage rights; just read terms per item.

SplitShire: Photos/images that can be used for any project, commercial or not. Site is really awesome!

Stock Free Images: Stock photos/images with little to no restrictions.

StockVault: Images/photos for noncommercial and personal usage.

The British Library’s Flickr: Over 1 million images and photos! Usage terms vary.

The Collection Online: Over 400,000 images and art, licensed under Open Access for Scholarly Content.

The Walter Art Museum: Photos of art. Usage terms vary.

Totally Free Images: CC0

Unprofound: Photos and images. Can browse by colors. Can be used for commercial and noncommercial purposes.

Unsplash: Receive 10 photos every 10 days.(via email). CC0

U.S. Government Photos and Images: Most of the images/photos are in the public domain, if they are not the usage and license rights will be listed per item.

USGS Multimedia Gallery: Find USGS related images. All in the public domain unless other wise stated.

WellCome Images: Free images/photos, usage rights vary but are posted per item. Usage terms vary.

Wikimedia: You can find various media, including music and sounds. Usage terms vary.

Clipart & Icons

Icon: An image, symbol, picture, or other representation of an idea, concept, or object.

Antique Clipart offers the small versions of Victoria and Edwardian era clipart freely, while charging for larger files. This is a way for them to contribute to the public and make money to support themselves  Scanning is a service, and they have every right to limit access to their personal digital copies. CC0

Bg-Patterns: Various categories. Terms. Japanese

Clker: ‘ is an online sharing service where users share free public domain vector cliparts, or share public domain photos and derive vector cliparts from those photos using clker’s online tracer.’ – Source.

Da Birds and Animals: Free Animal vectors. Terms of usage.  Japanese

Dots Design: Over 10,000 icons. Terms. Japanese

EC Design: Vectors. Terms. Japanese

Events Design: Vectors relating to seasonal events. Christmas, Halloween, etc. Terms. Japanese

Fat Cow – Free Icons: A free icon pack, under creative commons.

Flat Icon: Over 50,000 vectors/icons for free, under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

Flat Icon Design: Various Vectors. Categories include: Food, Household goods, and etc common symbols. Terms. Japanese

Flode Illustration: Plant, flower, and tree vectors. Terms.  Japanese

Frame Design: Decorative frames, fill them with text or whatever. Terms.

Free-Line-Design: Line Vectors. These would be good for dividers. Terms. Japanese

FukiDashi Design: Speech balloons, lots of options. Terms. Japanese

Game Icons: Game icons under the Creative Commons license.

Human Pictogram 2.0: Human icons. Imagine the walking man icon for street signs, but in various situations. Some of the icons are quite comical – the person getting abducted by a UFO, for example. Japanese

Icon Monstr: Icons for use in any project, including commercial ones.

Icons Creator: Find icons that are customizable and free to use for any project, even commercially.

Icooon Mono: Monotone icon material.  Japanese

OpenClipArt: Free Images for any usage. CC0

PD Clipart CC0

PNGify Me: With this site you can create/edit/download icons of all sorts. All are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Ribbon Freaks: Helpful free ribbon vectors. Usually used for headers and titles. Terms. Japanese

Town Illust: Townscape vectors. Terms. Japanese

Wp Clipart: Clip art and photos/images. CC0

Arrow Design: These arrows are different shapes and directions. Great for site interfaces. Terms.  Japanese


Logo Instant: Free logos. License for logos not provided, but they state that the logos can be used for any project, check out their about section for more information.

Descriptions are adaptations of definitions provided by Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0