Formal Science & Data

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A study that is concerned with theoretical formal systems, such as logic, mathematics, systems theory, data, and statistics.

Amser: A site that collects resources on Applied Math and Sciences.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Find information and data about the United States of America.

Convert Me: Conversion Tables and Measurement conversion. Use this information to come to informed conclusions.

Exhibit: Framework for interactive data webpages.

Fusion Tables: Google app for displaying, sharing, finding data.

Gephi: Visually explore your data.

Glance: Upload or find data sets.

GNU Octave: Numerical computation software.

Google Charts: Display live data with charts on your site.

Google – TakeOut: Download the data that google has collected on you.

Hibernate: A site that offers many data related resources. Including but not limited too, full index searches and databases tools.

Information Is Beautiful: Data on various topics, visualized beautifully.

Just Math Tutorials: Everyone can learn something new or refresh themselves. Learn and explore the world of math.

Math Is Power 4u: Over 3,500 mini lessons, in the form of youtube videos.

OpenHeatMap: Turn your spreadsheet into a heatmap. This will only be useful for geographical relevant numbers.

OpenLayers: Map related data and information made into actual visual maps.

Paul’s Online Math Notes: It would be a *sine* to ignore this math resource.

PSPP: Statistical analysis of sample data.

R Project: Statistical computing and graphics software.

School of Data: Not surprisingly courses on Data.

Scikit-Learn: Machine Learning in Python. Use this for data mining and data analysis.

Spurious Correlations: Correlations, mostly unrelated in topic, but related in data.

Statistics Finland: Read usage rights and terms for more information. Interesting to browse.

Tableau: Share data with the world.

The World Factbook: A collection of data, facts, and statistics brought to you by the CIA. This means all the information is in the public domain!

WorldOMeters: Astounding numbers. Awe inspiring.

Wolfram Demonstrations: Over 9,000 interactive examples of mathematics.

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