Informative and Educational Videos

Educational Videos
Image Attribution: Image from Pexels, under CC0 license.

Audiovisual content that teaches and informs. These can also be very entertaining.

Brain Pump: Videos are in easy to navigate categories.

Curiosity: Learn with entertainment.

Films for Action: Over 2,500 films. For and by people who want change.

Free Video Lectures: Educational videos and recorded lectures.

Ignite: Ted Talk knock off? Fast smart videos.

NASA TV: This YouTube channel has tons of space related videos. In Addition, it usually has live streams going on. These videos can also be found on NASA’s site.

National Film Board of Canada:  Canada film news and documentaries.

SciShow: One of my personal favorites!

TeacherTube: By teachers, for teachers(and students).

TED: Videos that are both entertaining and educational. I highly recommend this site to everyone! There are various topics as well. Plus, what a cool name – ‘TED’!

TV News Archive – Browse recent and popular news videos. You can even search closed captions.

UnPlugTheTv: Random education and entertaining videos from YouTube. 

Video Lectures: Exchange Ideas and Share Knowledge.

Educational Videos On YouTube

CGP Grey: Explanatory videos.

Crash Course: Wonderful hosts and awesome visual examples.

In a Nutshell: Videos explaining stuff. Topics range from evolution to the universe.

Minute Earth & Minute Physics: Engaging videos. The awesome drawings will keep you focused.

PBS Space Time: Explore the universe and learn about what it contains. Updated every Wednesday afternoon.

Piled Higher and Deeper: PHD Comics. Youtube educational channel.

Smarter Everyday

Smithsonian Channel: These videos are entertaining, beautiful, and educating.

The Good Stuff:  “Join Craig Benzine as he scours the depths of the universe and the recesses of the inner mind on a never-ending quest for The Good Stuff”.

The RSA: Progressive ideas in the form of videos.

Veritasium: Interesting science videos.

VlogBrothers: ‘Raising nerdy to the power of awesome’.  

Youtube – Education: Auto generated channel of educational YouTube videos.


Gresham College: College was founded in 1597. Of course the videos are newer. Unless – time travel.

The Royal Institution: Learn from the top minds in London.

The University of New South Wales

UCLA: Watch undergraduate courses.

Yale: Ivy League lectures for all!