Education Resources

Educational Resources
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The process or art of imparting knowledge, skill, and judgement. Facts and ideas that have been learned either formally or informally.

About – Education: Lots of interesting facts and pictures to keep your attention.

Class Central: Locate free online courses/education resources with this site.

CK-12 Foundation: Learn over 5,000 different concepts in various subjects. The education level is for k to 12th grade, but people out of high school can benefit from a refresher.

College Confidential: ‘The world’s largest college forum’.

Course Buffet: Finds and compares free online courses. Over 1,000.

Curriki: Over 50,000 education resources. Mostly for k to 12.

Department of Education: Find out information about student loans, federal education laws, related data, and more.

edX: Online College courses for free personal enrichment. Some of the courses you can buy a certificate for after doing them. Optional however.

Future Learn: Find free online courses that are sourced from the UK.

GCF Learn Free: Over 90 free tutorials.

Khan Academy: Online courses in various topics. This site is beautiful and the content makes learning self gratifying.

Merlot: Educational resources brought to you by California State University.

Minute Labs: From the creators of popular learning-filled and entertaining youtube channels, MinutePhysics and MinuteEarth.  Instead of videos, MinuteLabs offers a variety of different interactive educational media.

MOOC List: Massive Open Online Courses directory.

Moodle: A content management system. Although it is mostly designed for schools and educational sites, with a little tweaking it can be used for various projects.

National Center for Education Statistics: Collects and analyses education related data.

OE Consortium: Open Education Consortium is the global network for Open education. Search through over 25,000 courses.

Open Course Library: (OCL) course materials, readings and more. Free to use, remix, and teach.

Open Learning: Over 400 online courses to choose from.

Open Learning Initiative: Carnegie Mellon University offers open, high quality, courses online.

Open Study: Studying meets social network.

P2P: Peer 2 Peer University. Online open courses.

Quizlet: Studying resources and community support

Rate My Professor: Comment and rate your professor(s) and school. View other peoples opinions, to make informed education pathway choices.

Saylor Academy: Tuition free college (over 300)courses online.

School of Open: Find free/open courses.

The Free College: Free online college course.

Tufts OPW: Tuft University Open Course Ware ( Open and free college courses). Self Enrichment.

University of Reddit: Reddit might be filled with jerks, but it can be useful too! Ureddit teaches you, and don”t worry.. not all of the courses are on cats and safe opening.

Wikiversity: Over 27,000 learning resources.

Free Learning offered by Colleges:

BYU OCW: Brigham Young University, Open Course ware (free open college courses).

Carnegie Mellon University – Open Learning: Learn something new! College courses.

JHSPH OCW: The Johns Hopkins University Open Course Ware, (open and free online college courses).

MIT OCW: Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers Open course ware (free Open college courses).

Stanford Online: Courses offered for free by Stanford University.

UCI OCW: University of California – Irvine, Open Course Ware (free open college courses)

UMass Boston – OCW: Open Course ware brought to you by UMass.

University of Oxford – Podcasts: Educational and entertaining.

University of Southampton: MOOCs and Podcasts.

USU OCW: Utah State OpenCourseWare (free open college courses).

UW Open Education: University of Washington Free Online Courses.

Yale OCW: Yale offers open and free college courses.

Specific Topics

Earth Science – Education Resources: For teachers or parents, or anyone who wants to learn! Grades k to 12; and Undergraduate as well.  [Related – Earth Science]

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