Data Management Systems

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Data Management Systems gather and store organized information. The data is structured, and usually machine readable. Get data collecting!

Apache CouchDB: Database that you can query and index via your web browser.

AsterixDB(Apache): Data management system, Asterix Query Language(NoSQL Database).

Cassandra(Apache): Data management system; fault-tolerant.

D:SWARM: Open source data management platform. For Knowledge Workers.

Geode: SQL querying. Java client available now, more to come.

HAWQ(Apache): Massively parallel processing database, (SQL).

Hive(Apache): Data warehousing(SQL).

Ignite(Apache): In-Memory platform for large-scale data sets.

Lens(Apache): Unified Analytics interface. SQLish querying.

ManifoldCF(Apache): Open source framework for connecting various types of repositories and indexes.

MariaDB: Database severs made by the creators of MySQL. Open Source.

MongoDB: Open source NoSQL database.

MySQL: “The world’s most popular open source database.”

phpMyAdmin: Php software for mysql database.

Pig(Apache): Data analyzing platform.

PostgreSQL: Open source object-relational database system.

Redis: Open source database, cache, and message broker.

SQlite: Public domain SQL database engine.

SQLZoo: SQL Tutorials.

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