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Comics are Sequences of readable drawings, usually containing text.

Comics online, also known as WebComics, have various topics. Most are indeed humorous, but there are horror, romance, and etc genres. Viaology has compiled a list, of high quality and popular series.  Before browsing each one individually, you can also check out the following listings of related resources. Most are sites that offer a platform for comic creators to share their content.

Related Resources

Comic Book Plus: ‘Number one’ Free and Legal comic book site. Read or download.

Comic Strip Library: Collection of public domain comic strips. Enjoy and embrace a part of entertainment history.

Comic Chameleon: Webcomic browsing for your phone – both Iphone and Andriod. Ad supported.

Comixology: Amazon owned comic company. Check out free section.

Diesel Sweeties: Pixel art and Robot kisses.

Digital Comic Museum: Download public domain comic-strips.

GoComics: Find comics, ad supported.

TopWebComics: This website showcases webcomics; with fan votes being a part of the influence. It has ‘Top 100’ and ‘New to the List’.

Town Called Dobson: By Storm Bear.

The Grand Comics Database: GCD. This site offers a database of comics, world wide. Useful for research and reference, comics are not directly offered. The site offers My Comics, a way for tracking your own comic collection.

The Pulp Magazines Project: An archive or all-fiction pulpwood magazines from 1896 to 1946.

WebToon: Browse and find comics. This is what I use for my phone, has an app. Very easy and convenient.

Zoom Comics: Ad-supported webcomic portal.

List of Comics

Alice Grove: Twice Weekly. By Jeph Jacques.

A Girl and Her Fed: A Ghost, conspiracies, and humor. By K.B. Spangler.

Airtoons: Fake and funny airline safety procedures. [Comedy]

Amazing Super Powers: by Wes & Tony. [Comedy]

A Rusty Life: Updated Tuesdays and Thursdays. By Johnathan Bigelow. [Comedy]

Ava’s Demon: Beautifully animated, with a deep plot line. Monday, Thursday.

Awkward Zombie: Video game themes. Updated Thursdays. By Michelle Czajkowski.

Axe Cop: By The Nicolle Brothers.

Balderdash: About two witches. Updates Fridays. By Victoria Grace Elliot.

Beauty and the Beast: New take on an old tale. Tuesdays, Fridays. By Megan Kearney.

Beyond the Canopy: Updated Tuesdays and Fridays. By Jonathan Griffiths. [Comedy]

Bible Comic: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. About Heaven Hell and the between. Monday. By Gitte Tang Jensen & Maia Fjordmand.

Big Foot Justice: This will set your loling into maximum over drive. By Chase Hattersley & Mike Salcedo. [Comedy]

Blind Springs: Magical adventure! Updated Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays. By Kadi Fedoruk

Breaking Cat News: This is the cutest web comic I have ever seen. I am addicted to its humor! Georgia Dunn. [Comedy]

Broodhollow: Horror adventure. By Kris Straub.

Cat and Girl: By Dorothy Gambrell. Started in 1999, has over a thousand strips.

Chainsaw Suit: By Kris Starub. Updated on weekdays. Originally named ‘Indie Comic’.

[New]Channelate: By Ryan Hudson. Comedy.

Chicken Wings: By Michael and Stefan Strasser.

Clique Refresh: Colorful. Tuesday & Frieday Amy T. Falcone & Mary Cagle.

Cucumber Quest: By Gigi d.g.

Cuddles and Rage: Very cute and very disturbing web comic about the fictional ‘Snuggle City’. Liz & Jimmy Reed. [Comedy]

Cyanide and Happiness: One of the most popular webcomics, and a personal favorite. Also has videos and a comic generator. [Comedy]

Deathbulge: Non-reoccurring themes, yet always hilarious! Monday, Friday Dan Martin. [Comedy]

Depressed Alien: Quite funny and un-depressing. Monday, Wednesday, Friday Connor Ullmann. [Comedy]

DiceBox: By Jenn Manley Lee.

Dilbert: By Scott Adams. [Comedy]

Dinosaur Comics: Talking dinosaur comedy, by Ryan North. [Comedy]

Doctor Cat: The cutest comic around. I’d make this guy my practitioner. Friday Sarah Sobol. [Comedy]

Does Not Play Well With Others: By Michael Poe.

Doodle for Food: Adventures of A Starving Artist. [Comedy]

Drive: Scifi Comedy, by Dave Kellett. [Comedy]

Dumbing Of Age: About College. By David M Willis.

EatMoreBikes: by Nathan Bulmer. [Comedy]

Engrish: Funny translation bloopers. The context of the pictures add to the humor. Free Enter contain mint. [Comedy]


Existential Comics: About philosophy. Monday Corey Mohler.

Four Eyes: By Gemma Correll. She also has a series  ‘Sky Cats‘. Her flickr is a jackpot of humor and awesome. [Comedy]

FoxTrot: By Bill Amend. [Comedy]

Giant In the Playground: One strip even reached 1000 posts!

Girl Genius: by Professors Phil & Kaja Foglio.

Grrl Power: Updates Mondays and Thursdays. Nerdy girl turns into a super-heroine. Mixture of genres – action and comics.

Girls With Slingshots: This comic has been going on for over 10 years! Monday through Friday Danielle Corsetto

GuComics: By Woody Heam. [Comedy]

Guilded Age: By T Campell & Phil Kahin, Drawn by John Waltrip.

Gunnerkrigg Court: Science Fantasy 3 x Week Tom Siddell.

Gunshow: Comedy, by KC Green. The ‘This is Fine’ dog in fire comic, is part of Gunshow. [Comedy]

Hark! A Vagrant: History major making lovely drawn comics. Also, cute ponies. Kate Beaton [NSFW]

Hyperbole and a Half: An author depicts her life experiences in a comical and endearing way. This site with both entertain and inspire you. Allie Brosh. [Comedy]

Iverly: Cute animals! 2 x week Jeffrey J. Rowland. [Comedy]

Johnny Wander: By Yuko Ota & Ananth Panagariya.

JSPowerH0ur: By Abby Howard. [Comedy]

Kevin & Kell: By Bill Holbrook.

Kickstand Comics: Brian Griggs & Rick Smith

Lackadaisy: Human like cat characters. Sophisticated style and illustrations. Tracy J. Butler.

LethargicLad: By Greg Hyland. Updated every Sunday.

Little Gamers: Mr. Madsen & Christian.

Married To The Sea: By Ed Zitron.

Meek Comic: By Der-Shing Helmer.

Modest Medusa: Cute funny comic, mostly for teens, but all would enjoy. [Comedy]

Moonbeard: Updated on Fridays. [Comedy]

MonsterKind: Monsters and Humans living together, and yet segregated. Tuesday & Friday Taylor C.

Monster’s Garden: Monsters and nice imagery, nice. Thursday Ash G.

Mr. Lovenstein: These comics are hilarious. The site also has cool shirts and random fake/joke ads(that still link to stuff). J.L. Westover. [Comedy]

Namesake: Updates Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Emma, the main character, gets really into books – literally into them. They are portals to different worlds. Awesome!

Nataliedee: Randomly offered humor by Natalie Dee. [Comedy]

Nedroid:  By Anthony Clark. [Comedy]

Never Satisfied: By Taylor Robin. Updated Mondays and Fridays.

New Amsterdam Mystery Comedy: By Jaya Saxena and Matt Lubchansky.

Octopus Pie: by Meredith Gran.

Oglaf: NSFWish Web Comic. Illustrations are divine. Sundays [NSFW]

Oh Joy Sex Toy: Updated Tuesdays. By Erika Moen & Matthew Nolan. [NSFW]

On The Fastrack: By Bill Holbrook.

OverCompensating: By Jeffrey Rowland.

Owlturd: Very popular series, with a very popular creator – Shen. [Comedy]





Ozzie The Vampire: By Eric Lide.

Paranatural: Paranormal comedy and action. Updated Tuesdays and Fridays. By Zack Morrison.

Pepper & Carrot: Open-Source Webcomic!! David Revoy

PHD Comics: Piled Higher and Deeper. Strip about life in academia.

Please Listen To Me: By Matt Lubchansky. [Comedy]

Poppy Opossum: A tale of a mother possum trying to get through her troubling life with her daughter Lily. Monday & Friday Ian Everett

PowerNap: By Maritza Campos & Bachan.

PVP: By Scott R. Kurtz.

Questionable Content: Romance and robots! 😀 5 x Week Jeph Jacques 

Red Meat: By Max Cannon.

Rice Boy: Fantasy, By Evan Dahm.

Rock and Riot: About teenage gangs in the 50’s. Updated Tuesdays and Fridays.

Romantically Apocalyptic: Can’t even describe how amazing the imagery is! Vitaly S. Alexius.

Ronk: An cartoonist entertains with sketches and stickynote comics. [Comedy]

Safely Endangered

Sam & Fuzzy: Updates M/W/F. By Sam Logan. [Comedy]

Sandra and Woo: By Powree & Olicer Knorzer.

Sarah Candersen: Cute and awkward main character, going through real life-ish situations. Wednesday, Saturday Sarah Andersen. [Comedy]

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Mixes humor with intelligence. Zach Weinersmith. [Comedy]

Scary Go Round: Also called Bad Machinery. Mystery, by John Allison. Check out Classic Bobbins, Bobbins, and

Scenes From A Multiverse: Scifi Comedy, by Johnathan Rosenberg.

Schlock Mercenary: By Taylor.

Shattered Starlight: By Nicole Chartrand.

Sheldon: Comedy, by Dave Kellett.

Sheldon: The tiny dinosaur who thinks he’s a turtle. Panaran. [Comedy]

Simon’s Cat: Jerk cat character. Animated nicely. Bonus Pug sometimes. <3 [Comedy]

Smiling Ribs: Derek. [Comedy]

Something Positive: Comedy, by Randal Keith. [Comedy]

Stairwell: Web comic featuring a man and his brain. Johnathan Bigelow. [Comedy]

Strap Off: Comedy Sporadic Rasmus Midjord. [Comedy]

Strong Female Protagonist: Updates Tuesdays and Fridays. By Brennan Lee Mulligan & Molly Ostertag.

Super Siblings: By Patrick Scullin.


The Adventures of Business Cat: A funny cat businessman. Small head, big humor. Fridays Tom Fonder. [Comedy]

The Awkward Yeti: Featuring Heart and Brain. [Comedy]

The Angry Flower: By Stephen Notley. [Comedy]

The Brick Testament: Legos, comics, and the testament.

The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo: Updates Tuesday & Thursday. By Drew Weing.

The Devil’s Panties: By Jennie Breeden.

The Dream Land Chronicles

The Ego and the Squid: By Chris. [Comedy]

The Gentleman’s Armchair

The Joy of Tech: By Nitrozac & Snaggy.

The Last Halloween: By Abby Howard. [Comedy]

The Muse Mentor: Updated Fridays. By Amy King.

The Secret Knots: By Juan Santapu.

They Can Talk: Talking animals and humor. 😀 [Comedy]

Three Panel Soul: Heartfelt, by Ian MacConville and Matt Boyd.

ToonHole: Extremely funny and well drawn. Sometimes inappropriate, always entertaining. [NSFW]

Toothpaste For Dinner: Updates daily at midnight. By Drew Fairweather. [Comedy]

Trying Human: Colorful story of a woman, named Rose, being abducted by aliens.

Two Lumps: The Adventures of Eben and Snooch(cats). By J. Grant and Mel Hynes.


VGCats: By Scott Ramsoomair.

Void Comics

Waspi Square: Cute and creepy.

WebComicName: ‘Oh no!’ Best comic ever. It makes me laugh out loud. [Comedy]

Whomp: By Ronnie Filyaw. [Comedy]

Witchy: By Ariel Ries.

Wondermark: Updated Tu/F. Engravings turned into comics. By David Malki.

: The most intelligent web comic around; also one of the most entertaining. Smart can be fun!

You Damn Kid
: Comic strip based off the childhood of the author(Owen), a Catholic boy growing up in the 1960’s.

Zebra Girl
: A story of love and hate. Saturday, Sunday











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