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Bibliography resources are related to bibliographies, citations, and references. Create, find, or share.

Bibliography inclusion is necessary for academic documents. In general, the important parts of bibliographies are: recommendations; citations; and references.

Firstly, recommendations would be the listing of relevant books, documents, or authors. However, the recommendations, or suggestions, don’t have to be works utilized in the literature including them.

Secondly, citations are fragments of words directly or indirectly repeated. To clarify, direct citing is quoting the portion of words verbatim. On the other hand, indirect citations include the fragment’s concept but in an alternative phrasing.

Lastly, sources considered in preparing a work, are references. Ultimately, referencing gives external support for concepts being authored.

General Bibliography Resources

CiteULike: Find and share citations. This can help you find academic papers you need. Some papers have free full views.

RefMe: Offers a Citation Generator.

Formats & Styles

Purdue Online Writing Lab: (OWL) Find information on ‘Research and Citation Resources‘; including – APA; MLA; Chicago; AMA

The Writing Center: The University of Wisconsin offers ‘The Writer’s Handbook‘. Information for: APA; Chicago/Turabian; MLA; CSE; IEE; and APSA.

Library of Congress: Offers teacher resources – including a section on ‘Using Primary Sources‘.

Reference Management Software

BibDesk: Open source. Mac only.

JabRef: Open source Bibliography Reference Manager. This software even has add-ons for FireFox. It offers Windows, Linux, and Mac versions. Integration with external web databases(Google scholar, Springer..).

RefBase: Web-base and multi-user abilities. Linux, Mac, and Windows.

The LaTex Project Website: Typesetting system. Useful for technical and scientific documentation. This site offers more information about LaTex, along with downloads to get you started. Also called a document preparation system. Used to add structure to documents, and citations/references. This is mostly used in Scholarly Works.

Zotero: Citation Software. Organize, cite, and share. Linux, Mac, and Windows. Use with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Also, has plugins for Word and LibreOffice! The learning curve should not be bad for this software, so it is suggested for beginners too.

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