Auxiliary History Resources

Auxiliary History
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Non-natural history. Pertaining to humans, and their written past. Includes biography and genealogy.

Biography: Famous historical figures and celebrities. Find cool facts and information about them all!

Histography: Visual timeline of the past.

Hyper History: Explore the past, its people, old maps, and historical events.

It’s History: Learn about history through entertaining videos.

Macro History: Explore world history and timelines.

New Zealand Electronic Text Collection: Victoria University of Wellington Library presents, digitized New Zealand history media.

Retronaut: “The Photographic Time-Machine” Interesting way of looking at history.

Screen Archive South East: A media archive of the history and life in South East England.

University of Nebraska – Texts in American Studies: Literature related to American culture and/or history.

US Gen Web: Free genealogy resource for United States citizens.

Western Australian Index: Search births, deaths, and marriages.

Terminology Attribution: “Wiktionary, the free dictionary” by The Wikimedia Foundation, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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