Audio Software

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Find downloadable applications for audio playing, tagging, podcasting, and more.

Audio Players

Common features of audio players: Playlists; Podcast support, Tag editing; Transcoding

1by1: Lightweight. Linux, Windows.

Audacious: Open source. Audio player. Linux and Windows.

Clementine: Playlist, Tagging, Podcast Support, Transcoding. Linux, Mac, Windows.

Indeed, transcoding has advance meanings, but for the common users’ sake, think of it as translating files to other files of a different type. For instance, turning a MP3 into and a MP4 file.

FFmpeg: Transcoding. Supports various obscure formats. Linux, Mac, Windows.

Foobar2000: Tagging, Transcoding, Windows Only.

iTunes: Listen to audio, music, podcasts, and view videos.

Podcasts are audio only talk shows, usually updated regularly. The topics range. Equally important, they are free! – and downloadable.

jPodder: media player for podcasts. For Linux, Mac, and Windows.

MusicBee: Playlists, Podcast support, and Tag editing. Windows Only. Portable version available.

Tomahawk: Awesome music player software with plugins for popular music services. For Linux, Mac, and Windows.

VLC: Open source media player software. Admin uses this software and recommends it as an alternative to itunes and windows media player. Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Windows Media Player: Only for Windows operating systems.

Additional Audio Software

Giada: Minimalist audio loop machine for DJ’s, live performances, or electronic music. Linux, Mac, Windows.

GNU Radio: Open source toolkit for software radio. Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Linux Show Player: Cue player designed for sound-playback in stage production.

MIXXX: DJ software. Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Mp3tag: The universal Tag Editor.

MusE: Open source sequencer. Linux Only.

MusicBrainz Picard: Music tagger.  Linux, Mac, Windows.

NinJam: Open source. With the internet, play music with others, live. Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Opus: Open and versatile audio codec.

TagScanner: Manage your music, Edit tags and information about songs. Very useful. Also, can be used to play music.

Vorbis: Professional audio encoding and streaming technology.

Xwax: Open source digital vinyl systems(DVS), for Djs. Linux only.

ZVolume: Windows Volume Control alternative.

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Terminology Attribution: “Wiktionary, the free dictionary” by The Wikimedia Foundation, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.