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Listen to music, podcasts, radio, and ambient sounds.

Of or relating to the broadcasting or reproduction of sound.

Ambient Sounds

A Soft MurMur | My Noise | Table Top Audio | Zen Cast

Rainy Mood: Rain background sound and ambient music.

Wandering Ear: Audio of location sounds/background noise. Hard to explain, just check it out!


An art form, created by organizing of pitch, rhythm, and sounds made using musical instruments and sometimes singing. – Audio: Download or listen to free music and audio.

ccMixter: Find, change, download, creative commons music. This site is a great resource for anyone in the music industry.

Free Music Archive: Find free high quality music. Some songs are even in the creative commons.

FreePD: Public Domain Music.

Free Sound: Creative Commons music and audio. Items have varied licenses, but luckily they clearly list which one per item is under. Read and stay within the rights.

GrooveShark: Free online streaming music. Make playlists and enjoy you favorite songs from old and new artist.

IMSLP – Petrucci Music Library: International Music Score Library Project. Browse scores(sheet music) by composer, nationality, genre, time period, and even by melody(handy piano interface).

Incompetech: Royalty free music.

Jamendo Music: Creative commons music.

Joe Reynolds Audio: Creative Commons music. Stream music and videos online. Large collection of old and new media.

MuseScore: This site offers scoring software and sheet music. The software is opensource/free(named MuseScore as well). This is a great tool for songwriters! The sheet music is uploaded by users, so much is copyrighted.

MusicBrainz: Open Music encyclopedia.

Music Moz: A directory of everything music.

MusOpen: Royalty Free Music and sheet music.

Open Music Archive

Reddit – Music Player: First you *redd* it all, now you can listen to it all.

Refrain: Database of thirteenth century songs and poetry.

RISM: Online catalog of musical sources.

Songsterr: Find and play tabs for guitar, bass, and drums.

Starfrosch: Top 100 Chart for Royalty free music.

Virtual Piano: Maybe if you get good enough, you can get a real one!

You Tab: A collection of music lyrics and guitar chords for every(probably) song you could think of.


AllMusic: Find information about bands and their music. Use your current favorites to find new ones.

American Musicological Society – DDM: Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology (DDM) is a database of bibliographic records for dissertations topics related to music.

Boston Public Library: These are images related to music. Sheet Music Lithograph Covers & Allen A. Brown Music Collection.

Frets on Fire: Free music game. Try your hand(s) at virtual guitar and keyboard.

GNU FM: A music community platform in PHP.

G. Robert Vincent Voice Library: An audio collection, brought to you by Michigan State University, of voices. One of the galleries is US presidents!

International Association for the Study of Popular Music Journal: IASPM. Peer-reviewed and open access.

Mutopia Project: Over 2,000 pieces of  sheet music that is free to download, modify, print, etc. All in the public domain or under the Creative Commons.

Project Gutenberg – Sheet Music: Public domain sheet music.

USGS Multimedia Gallery: All audio is in the public domain, unless otherwise stated.

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