Agriculture and Farming

Agriculture and Farming
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Agriculture is the art or science of cultivating the ground and managing livestock.

Agora: Related research. The Open access journals are marked as so.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

United States Department of Agriculture:

International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas: (ICARDA)

[France]The National Institute of Agronomic Research: INRA.


Organic pertains to any food products grown in an environment free from artificial chemicals.

FiBL: Research Institute for organic. Papers and projects by FibBL are located at Organic Eprints.

International Centre for Research In Organic Food Systems: (ICROFS). Find Organic news and read ICROFS’ newsletter.

International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements: ¬†(IFOAM). Organics International & It’s Action Group. Learn the basics of Organics.

Organic Eprints: Open Access archive of papers related to organic food and farming.

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